From: Fnu Ghaleib
Re : The Basic How-To Skills To Protect Your Online Income Dreams

Dear Frustrated Online Income Seekers,

It's Ghaleib here... I have been learning and sharing the Internet Marketing knowledge for quite some time and if you just started your journey in making money online, I am sure you have hit several road blocks, especially in technical side.

You may start wondering why many people can make money online. Let me tell you why.... some people can make money online because they know exactly what need to be done! including the technical parts. They have mastered the basic skills to get the job done. They enjoy seeing the results that have been created, such as : the squeeze page, the sales page, the download page, etc, etc...

I don't want bore you with any fancy stories in making money online because you may have already seen some on the internet. I just need you to stop wondering and start making your own online income dreams come true by mastering the basic technical skills.

Fnu GhaleibIntroducing...Here Is The Technical Training You Will Receive The Moment You Decide To Protect Your Dreams In Making Money Online With How-To Skills
1. Registering Domain Name
2. Buying Bulk Domain Names
3. Buying Hosting Hostgator
4. Buying Hosting Bluehost
5. C-Panel Basics
6. Pointing Domain Name
7. Setting up Email Account in C-Panel
8. Setting up Email Forwarder
9. Web Analytics
10. Fantastico Overview
11. C-Panel Autoresponse Message
12. Deleting Fantastico Installations With C-Panel
Module 1Domain Management & cPanel12 Videos
1. WordPress Setup
2. Customizing Your WordPress Theme
3. Navigating WordPress Dashboard
4. WordPress Setting - Going Live Part 1
5. WordPress Setting - Going Live Part 2
6. WordPress Plugins
7. Spam Free WordPress Setup
8. Managing WordPress Default Themes
9. WordPress Links and Blog Roll
10. Changing Header & Background
11. Adding Your First New Post
12. Adding Your First New Page
13. Adding Contact Us Forms
Module 2WordPress Basics13 VideosModule 3Autoresponder & List Management12 VideosModule 4Creating & Editing Minisites10 Videos
1. Creating New List With Aweber
2. Creating Follow Up Sequence
3. Creating Web Form For List Building
4. Installing Your Aweber Web Form
5. Troubleshooting Aweber Web Form
6. Aweber Web Form Statistics
7. Understanding Aweber Reports
8. Managing Your Aweber Subscribers
9. GetResponse Campaign Setup
10. GetResponse Web Form Setup
11. GetResponse Installing Web Form
12. GetResponse Sending An Email
1. Edit & Rebrand PLR Sales Page - Part 1
2. Edit & Rebrand PLR Sales Page - Part 2
3. Adding Disclaimers and Privacy Policies
4. Sales Page Final Editing
5. Saving Sales Page Changes (Important)
6. Adding Your Picture to HTML Website
7. Setting Up Download Pages
8. Monetizing Downloading Pages
9. Editing PLR Minisite
10. Adding Sales Copy to PLR Minisite
Module 5Graphics & Image Editing Basics6 VideosModule 6File Uploading Basics (FTP)7 Videos
1. Resizing Images
2. Creating PDF Document
3. Creating A Zip File
4. Extracting A Zip File
5. Creating Exit Pop
6. Using Free Screen Captures - Jing
1. FileZilla FTP Installation
2. FileZilla FTP First Steps
3. FileZilla FTP Uploading First File
4. Creating File Names & Folders
5. Creating Download Links & More
6. Uploading Website & File Names
7. Protecting Files With Snooper Pages
Module 7Marketing Forums & Special Offers9 VideosModule 8Customer Relationship & Support3 Videos
1. Forum Special Offers - Part 1 - Account Setup
2. Forum Special Offers - Part 2 - Profile Setup
3. Forum Special Offers - Part 3 - Posting Offer
4. Warrior Forum Setup Account
5. WarriorPlus Pro Sell Product
6. WarriorPlus Setup Affiliate Marketing
7. Warrior Special Offer Setup and Posting
8. JVZoo Adding A Product
9. JVZoo Managing Affiliates
1. OSTicket Support Desk Install
2. OSTicket Manage Support Desk
3. OSTicket Support Desk Advanced
Module 9Advance WordPress Tutorials8 VideosModule 10Using Google Services8 Videos
1. Google Account Setup
2. Google AdSense - Adding To Site
3. Google Analytics Setup
4. Google Analytics Advanced
5. Google Calendar
6. Gmail Account
7. Google Webmaster Tools Setup
8. Google Webmaster Tools Advance
1. WordPress Media Overview
2. Inserting Images In WordPress Post
3. Inserting PDF In WordPress Post
4. Inserting Video In WordPress Post
5. Inserting Affiliate Links In WordPress Post
6. Setting Up WordPress Menus
7. Creating Opt-in Box For List Building
8. Adding Additional Users To Your Site
Module 11Affiliate Marketing16 Videos
1. Amazon - Part 1 : Become An Affiliate
2. Amazon - Part 2 : Getting Affiliate Link
3. Amazon - Part 3 : Advanced Affiliate Methods
4. Amazon - Part 4 : Using Promotions Hub
5. Amazon - Part 5 : Finding Good Products
6. Amazon - Part 6 : Category Banner Links
7. Amazon - Part 7 : Linking To Search Results
8. Amazon - Part 8 : Add Product Code To Site
9. Amazon - Part 9 : Add Banner To HTML Site
10. Amazon - Part 10 : Add New Products Previews
1. Inserting Affiliate Banners in Website
2. JVZoo Affiliate Account Setup
3. JVZoo Products & Link Setup
4. Clickbank Introduction & Sign Up
5. Clickbank Marketplace : Products
6. Clickbank Creating Affiliate Links
AmazonJVZoo & Clickbank

There are over 100 training videos in the members area that you can watch, pause, rewind and rewatch !
Once you get the access to the members area, you will get over 100 training videos that you can watch, pause, rewind and re-watch.

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Types of Online Income Dreamer
There are two types of Online Income Dreamer. First, Active Dreamers meaning those who want to learn, apply and do whatever it takes to make their dreams become a great reality. Second, Sleeping Dreamers meaning those who buy info-product after product and always chase the shiny objects but never apply the lessons in the products with the expectation that money will roll into their bank accounts without doing the required work.
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Let's review a little bit more about your online income dreams...
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To Your Online Income Success,
I'm looking forward to showing you how you can master the technical skills in online business, so you achieve your real online income goals fast. 
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